Model and self-proclaimed feminist, Tess Holliday, is not afraid to show off her curves nor reveal her latest endeavor.  Promoting the August release of The Not So Subtle Art of Being A Fat Girl:  Loving The Skin You’re In, Holliday’s tale of discovering how to love your body, love, life, heartbreak and more, Holliday shared more of herself with fans on Instagram.  Posting a “totally unretouched” and “unflattering” image of herself, Holliday insisted that wearing makeup and shapewear does not make her any less of a feminist.  “It’s all about our choice to wear & do what we want with our bodies,” she exclaimed, “I will keep resisting, with perfect coiffed hair.”


Just in time for summer, EWG released its 2017 Guide to Sunscreens, which evaluated more than 1,500 sunscreens, moisturizers and lip balms, discovering that almost three-fourths of the products evaluated rated poorly for skin protection or contained harmful ingredients (such as such as oxybenzone and retinyl palmitate) that could cause adverse health effects or heightened sensitivity to the sun’s harmful rays.  Oxybenzone is a known hormone disruptor and some evidence suggests that adding retinyl palmitate, a form of vitamin A, to sunscreens could heighten sun sensitivity.  “The vast majority of sunscreens available to Americans aren’t as good as they should be,” said Sonya Lunder, senior research analyst at EWG and lead author of the guide. “Sunscreens will not improve until the Food and Drug Administration sets stronger rules, reviews harmful chemicals, and allows the use of new ingredients that offer stronger UVA protection.”

So who are the big winners?  Among Best Beach & Sport Sunscreens, brands such as Adorable Baby, All Good (for kids and adults), All Terrain,  ATTITUDE Family, Badger, Bare Belly Organics, Bare Republic (Lotion and Stick), Beautify, Beautycounter, BurnOut, Butterbean, California Baby (Sunscreen Stick), Caribbean Sol, Celadon Road, Dr. Mercola, Goddess Garden, Jersey Shore Cosmetics, Kabana Organic Skincare, Neutrogena Sheer Zinc Dry-Touch, Raw Elements, Substance, Sunology, Sunumbra, ThinkSport, TruKid, and Waxhead Sun Defense all had multiple products rated 1 (its highest rating).

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We all know that being a Baywatch babe requires a lot of heavy lifting, but it also calls for some rather intense grooming, according to one of its stars, Alexandra Daddario.  The actress, 31, spoke with WSFM’s Jonesy and Amanda on Monday, and revealed that wearing a bathing suit for the two-month shoot was “completely restricting.”  Why?  “For two months you are basically a slave to shaving and laser-hair removal and waxing and tanning and dieting.”  The actress acknowledged the excessive grooming was just a form of preparation for the role; however, she joked about the additional scrutiny over her chest (making sure that her breasts were even) and bikini line!  Speaking with Smalzy’s Surgery on Australia’s Nova 96.9 last week, she continued her playful banter regarding the importance of finding the perfect bra for those iconic slow-motion running scenes, “You have to make sure that the t**ties bounce correctly because one of them is bigger than the other, so you want them to bounce evenly.”